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Dancing On Ice 2022

Brendan Cole and Vanessa Bauer

Week One

Black Betty

After 3 months of training, a concussion, covid, and a torn adductor muscle, Brendan and Vanessa took to the ice for the first time with Christopher dean brandishing it the best first dance ever on the show.

Week Three


Movie Week

Performing to Shallow from the song titled movie.

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Week Four

Dance Challenge

Week 3 was a challenge set by production to take people out of their comfort zone. Brendan and Vanessa were given Fosse.

Week 5

Hobby Challenge

Week 5 was a week dedicated to Hobbbies. Brendan and Vanessa went for DIY. Although they didn't love the song choice the skate went well and they made it through.

Week Six

Musicals Week

A challenging week with Vanessa having to watch from the sidelines as Brendan teamed up with Brendyn to perform in the show! Due to government guidelines, Vanessa had to have a week off. Brendan and Brendyn skated to begin' from the Jersey boys and had a ball doing so. It was a great outcome to a frustrating situation.  

Week Seven

Props Challenge

With a challenge set by Jane and Chris, all cupolas had to perform with a prop. After much discussion, Brendan and Vanessa were given the perfect song with two tricky and unpredictable props. The number, set in the rain was wet and beautiful. The perfect skate for the pair with 4 perfect 10's.

Week Eight

Torville and Dean Challenge

A difficult week incorporating elements of famous routines by Jane and Chris. Brendan and Vanessa danced to Let's face the music and Dance and to a perfect score.

Week Nine

Semi Final

Personal Skate.

A tribute to Brendan's late Father Eddie and Brendan's Wife Zoe. Depicting Brendan and Zoe's wedding day and the fact that his dad couldn't attend it just months before his passing.

Week Nine

Semi Final - Group Dance

A final look at all of the Contestants dancing without their partners. An epic challenge with a great routine.

The Final


A skate with Brendan in mind. Choreographed completely by Jane and Chris to an epic Carmen medley and joined by all of the pros. 

Pasodoble and flamenco infused with passion on the ice. 

The Final of the Final


In true Dancing On Ice tradition, Brendan and Vanessa go head to head with Regan and Korina with their personal choreography to Bolero. Starting and ending like Jane and Chris' gold medal routine, in an epic end to this amazing series of DOI 2022!

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